Hoa Phat turns blast furnace slag into construction materials

Recently, the first batch of S95 finely ground blast furnace slag has been officially put on the market. This shows that Hoa Phat's determination in optimizing technology, turning waste generated in the process of making iron into building materials products, protecting the environment, bringing significant added value to the chain. Steel production of the Group.

Hoa Phat turns blast furnace slag into construction materials

What is slag blast furnace slag S95?

Blast furnace slag (GBFS - Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) is a solid waste, a by-product of the production of cast iron in blast furnaces. The process of producing fine blast furnace slag is not too complicated and quite popular in many developed countries in the world. After being put into grinding line, granulated slag is finely ground to a ratio greater than 5,000 cm2 / g, meeting the S95 type standard according to TCVN 11586: 2016, finer than cement and becoming a very active mineral additive Good for cement, concrete and mortar.

In early 2018, implementing the policy of processing, deep-processing in place and taking advantage of residual heat in the process of iron and steel refining, Hoa Phat Group has renovated the system of creating granulated slag with high pressure cold water and investment. add 01 blast furnace slag crushing line at Hai Duong Iron and Steel Complex. This is a vertical and synchronous grinding technology line in the most modern type, with a capacity of 115 tons / h, equivalent to 750,000 tons / year.


Blast furnace slag crushing line at Hai Duong Iron and Steel Complex

Thus, Hoa Phat has become the first steel production enterprise in Vietnam to turn solid waste into building materials with high economic value.

All products of S95 finely ground slag blast furnace slag of Hoa Phat Steel have been posted by domestic and foreign cement, concrete and construction enterprises, enterprises of Vietnam Pile Concrete Association. sign to buy or be a distributor.

S95 - Potentially active mineral additive, reducing the price of commercial concrete

According to Dr. Mai Van Thanh - Officer of the Development Research Department of Hoa Phat Group, the fine-grained blast furnace slag S95 Hoa Phat has many outstanding advantages, as a highly active mineral additive for cement production. bamboo shoots, concrete, mortar or as a bond to reinforce soft ground.

With S95, Vietnam can mass produce cement, durable concrete in seawater, saltwater and brackish water environment, prevent the encroachment of chlorine and sulfate, to meet the demand of increasing the life of the works. on the sea, on the island and on the coast. Adding 30-50% S95 to replace cement will produce low-heat concrete and high-grade concrete used for large concrete works, concrete with high compressibility and waterproofing.

S95 can also be used for concrete piles for handling weak foundations, as materials for ceiling panels, wall panels and sand cement tiles. In particular, this product will help lower the price of ready-mixed commercial concrete when replacing 30-50% S95 for PC50 cement, PCB40, because the price of S95 Hoa Phat is lower than the cement price.


Fine-grained blast furnace slag granules (GGBS) for export

In fact, the supply of concrete grade 300 - 500 is used for the Hoa Phat Integrated Steel Complex Project in Dung Quat with the rate of 30% S95 and 70% of PCB40 cement is 10-15% higher than aggregate using 100% original cement. In addition, the current cement plants will also easily increase production output without investing more crushers, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions for the cement industry.

Some cement factories and grinding stations have previously used Hoa Phat blast furnace slag as an active mineral additive in cement production PCB40, sun-Phat durable cement, low-heat cement such as Hoang Thach and Hai Phong. , Thanh Cong, Hai Van, Cam Pha, Saigon, FICO, Kien Luong, Insee etc. According to the technology of crushing granulated slag with clinker, gypsum and some other mineral additives are also studying to switch to technology. Grind separately, adding the finely ground S95 mixing system of Hoa Phat.

When Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Complex is completed and operates at full capacity in 2020, it is expected that the total amount of blast furnace slag will be 2.6 million tons / year. With this output, Hoa Phat believes that it will meet the demand for high quality cement materials in Vietnam. More importantly, the Group has optimized production technology, basically solving the problem of solid waste, bringing a stable source of revenue to hundreds of billions of dong each year thanks to this additive.

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