Mr. Do Duc Don with "many times lost insomnia" in KLH Hai Duong

As one of the pioneers in the implementation phase of Hai Duong Iron and Steel Complex Project, Mr. Do Duc Don - Deputy Director of Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel Company and the collective of company employees experienced more. 10 years worth remembering. For him to achieve success today, Hoa Phat steelmakers always show enthusiasm, perseverance, not afraid, not afraid of suffering and always moving forward. HPG News had a conversation with him on the occasion of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs 13-10.

Mr. Do Duc Don with

From Polytechnic student to Vice Director of Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel Company

When did you join Hoa Phat? Can you share memories when sticking with Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel?

Graduating from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, he worked as a pressure engineer. He graduated from Vietnam Steel Corporation in 1995, and in 2007 when Hoa Phat launched the Hai Duong KLH project, he decided to leave the State at the beginning. troops for Hoa Phat.

More than 10 years of sticking with Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel is an unforgettable time. In the early period of building a complex complex, Hiep Son commune at that time was still a non-hilly area, the construction site was staggering. At that time, the biggest difficulty was that the technical brothers did not have much experience in operating a large project synchronously with new technology for both Vietnam's steel industry in general, not only for Hoa Phat. But with determination and solidarity, people also overcome all the pressures. The main advantage is that most of the key staff of the project are the staff who are grown up from the working environment of the Group so they understand how to work together and especially understand the culture. Hoa Phat's work: united, fierce, not afraid of hardship and hard work. Besides, the close leadership of the Chairman, CEO of the Group and the Board of Directors with the right decisions during the operation, Hoa Phat put all efforts to build the project so the Complex has had tremendous resources to grow as strong as it is today.

You and your readers are curious to know what you do in the largest scale steel production complex in Vietnam at that time?

Having experience in steel rolling, he was initially assigned to Director of Rolling Mill of KLH. In 2009, the Board of Directors assigned him to be in charge of Head of Mechanical Equipment Department of the company. Being familiar with executive management of production and changing to technical equipment management is not familiar yet, but I still need to strive to overcome difficulties and challenges to grow up and after a time of affirming and succeeding is recognized. Then he joined the Project Board of Phase 2 (blast furnace 2) and in 2012 he worked as Deputy Director in charge of production of Hoa Phat Energy Company. He studied steel rolling, so for him to produce coke coal, thermoelectricity is a completely new field, in the beginning he "did not eat well, slept uneasily", Mr. Duong - General Director of the Group kept encouraging to accept the task. service. Fortunately, after 2 years, the management apparatus, equipment operating machinery is very smooth, the production situation of the Company is stable and maintained until now.

In early 2017, Hoa Phat consolidated the operating apparatus of two Steel and Energy companies as one and prepared human resources for Dung Quat Steel project, he was assigned a new task by the leadership - Vice Director in charge of Public Production. Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel Joint Stock Company.

From PGD, the energy company is more than ten times bigger than a factory of the Complex to manage the whole company, he is once again "losing sleep and losing sleep" because of the growth rate in the period of 2012-2017. , renovation of the Complex is very strong, many issues need to be explored.

Besides, almost all key positions of Dung Quat Steel Project are drawn from Hai Duong Steel Board. The Board of Directors at that time was half from the Energy Company where he took over the work of his predecessors. He and his brothers and sisters in the Board of Directors have to deal with huge workloads, worry about personnel stability, stabilize production and participate in supporting Dung Quat project. Along with the efforts of the Board of Management and the solidarity of the entire staff of 2 companies, the production situation of the Complex developed, the items of renovation and repair completed on schedule. Thereby, expressing the vision and strategic thinking of the leaders of the Group and the intensive preparation of the Board of Directors of the old company has trained the very successful adjacent staff, not all businesses have been.

Currently over a year and a half, the production situation of the company has grown steadily with good results. This is not only the merit of every individual but also everyone and also the common joy of the whole company.


Always moving forward

In terms of quantity, KLH has changed a lot compared to 2009 - the time of completion of phase 1. The number of employees has increased dozens of times, the output has also increased, from 350,000 tons to approximately 2 million tons / year. After the second phase of renovation, in the coming time, how will the company organize production to improve more effectively?

Really feel very proud because the 11-year period for the formation and development of a business is not long, but the Company has made great progress and has become a leading Vietnamese steel company. Male. More impressive when only 11 years of development and growth from zero, so far the management and technical team of Hoa Phat Steel in general is very confident in mastering the advanced technology of the world and is On the way of construction, Hoa Phat Steel became one of the 50 largest steel producers in the world as the strategy set by the leaders of the Group.

Next time, competition will increase. Although

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