Ms. Vu Thi Anh Tuyet: "Poor because of too many things"

She has been with the company since the early days of hardship to success today, when the company's construction equipment has been present on almost all major projects across the country and she herself is also on more "big" more ... Listen to the sharing of Ms. Vu Thi Anh Tuyet - Deputy Director of Equipment and Accessories Company (TBPT) on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day October 20 to know HPG women just Good at how well the company has done housework!

Ms. Vu Thi Anh Tuyet:

When did you go to Hoa Phat?

Hoa Phat Equipment and Accessories Company was established in August 1992, six months later (February 1993), she started going to Hoa Phat. At first, I only did administrative work but at that time, the company was still small, so the administrative documents to store and import and export papers I did all. After a period of time, the company established departments, she worked as Sales Manager cum supplies - import-export in charge of both areas. In 2003, she was promoted to be Deputy Director of Hoa Phat Equipment and Accessories Company.

The first time I worked at Hoa Phat did I have many memories?

Many! Oh, the old days were so miserable, everything was inadequate, regardless of the choice of work, regardless of men and women, whoever had something to do, in short, it was hard, but everyone was happy.

She is in charge of import and export, doing everything from transaction records, buying and selling, to receiving goods, at the same time everyone just wants to take care of the bosses, not just me. After finishing the goods, go down to the shipping factory. He even scrubbed machines to learn. For example, when entering a excavator, it is necessary to clean the machine to learn what parts it has ... in the old days, learn simple like that. When I opened the door, I approached the project.

Then the company gradually grew, grew up, then the new manager was hard ... (Laugh)

In addition to self-produced equipment, the company also imports equipment from well-known firms?

In the first time, the company repaired old machinery and equipment, then produced scaffolding for construction, column formwork, parachute, mixer, concrete cutting machine (1993-2003), then expanded. manufacturing harder machines such as cage hoists, tower cranes, concrete batching plants, stone crushing stations.

At that time, the company imported machinery and equipment from Russia, then Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. During that period, she, boss Long, and boss Quang went to the fair to find a partner supplier, buy their machines, and have their own agency. From importing and acting as an agent for them as a mixer of VITO - France or Mikasa - Japan ever since.

Which partner do you remember and most impressed?

Among the company's partners, Mikasa is the most persistent, loyal, long-term partner and also very effective in cooperation.

I worked with Mikasa from the end of 1992 and 1993, when I started to import less equipment, after increasing the number, until now, after 26 years, I am still the exclusive distributor of Mikasa in Vietnam.

What big projects did the company supply?

A lot I don't remember!

But right from the start of opening Vietnam to build big buildings, high-rise buildings, Hoa Phat Equipment and Accessories Center has been able to access big projects in Hanoi such as Melia, Horizon, Sheraton ... all have their footprints. At that time, the company's new product was scaffolding, very well-developed pillars, all works needed to be used.

The big customers that Hoa Phat Equipment and Supplies Center have provided equipment are partners Coteccons, Hoa Binh, Delta ...

Previous spare parts specialized in construction and mining equipment, but recently focused more on steel production. Can you share more about this big project?

In early 2017, the Group advocated to withdraw steel to enhance deep processing of steel products, contributing to gradually replacing imported goods. It can be affirmed that in Vietnam, there is not yet a specialized steel making factory that can compare the scale, modern technology and good quality of Hoa Phat Spare Parts. There are many manufacturing companies in the country, but no company has made a thick, qualified nitro-plated wire to export to Canada and the US such as Hoa Phat.

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